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DHL Global Forwarding is your trusted partner in the field of goods delivery by road transport. Relying on almost 20 years of experience, our specialists identify optimal delivery routes to EU countries, the Balkans, CIS countries and Middle Asia. Relying on an extensive network of DHL partners, we offer our customers a flexible pricing with focus on level of service and communication.


• International transport of goods by land with different booking options for the transport unit: full-load (FTL) or partial-load (PTL).
• Transport of oversized cargo and multi-origin cargo with the possibility of consolidation in a FTL or PTL.
• Cargo transportation with special temperature conditions.
• Assistance in the preparation of the accompanying documents as well as transport documents.
• Freight insurance.
• Continuous monitoring of cargo status.
• Fulfillment of customs formalities in the country of origin / destination.

Why you should choose DHL Global Forwarding?

Experienced Team
DHL Global Forwarding has more than 20 years of experience in organizing transportation of goods by land. During these years, we have learned the particularities of different branches and fields of activity, which allows our customers to benefit from efficient and proven solutions.

Extensive Coverage
DHL has an extensive network of representations in the countries of the European Union, the CIS and Asia. Our employees are always constant contact with the carrier and colleagues from the DHL logistic network regardless of the destination country or time zone.

Transport of the most diverse types of freight
DHL Global Forwarding has the portfolio and experience necessary to organize road delivery of large-scale machinery, goods under special temperature conditions and any other kind of irregular cargo. Our company also offers logistics solutions for dangerous goods, combined goods, bulk and other.

DHL Global Forwarding provides road transport services by hiring only the most professional trucking companies with outstanding reputation. Our partners work with us based on long-term contracts, which guarantees stability and quality of service regardless of the market situation. DHL Global Forwarding subcontractors hold the necessary licenses and permits to carry out the provided services.

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