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When required, DHL provides combined international transport services of cargo by air, sea and land.

The multimodal service offers our customers the opportunity to receive freight from remote regions such as China, Canada, the US quickly and at an optimum price.

The advantages of multimodal freight forwarding are in the efficiency obtained by sequencing several types of transport modalities. In result we achieve optimized delivery schedules, and reduced costs.


• Logistics planning of international delivery of oversized cargo or combined freight in containers, using several types of transportation.
• Intermodal transport – the delivery of freight using different types of transport, when the goods are shipped in the same cargo unit (e.g. container or semi-trailer).
• Delivery of sea freight from the port of arrival to the warehouse of the consignee and return of the container to the port.
• Customs clearance of cargo at departure/arrival terminals, customs transit arrangements and release of cargo at the specified customs point.
• Organization of loading, unloading and cargo packaging of the goods.
• Freight insurance.

Why you should choose DHL Global Forwarding?

DHL Moldova – as a logistics company will search and develop the optimal solution for your cargo, in terms of time and cost efficiency.

At Clients request we can assist in preparation and verification of shipping documentation with focus on INCOTERMS and delivery/sale conditions.

Daily monitoring of consignments in transit as well as providing notification of cargo arrival at the airport, sea port or customs terminal.

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